Mindful Monday: Buy, Give & Receive With Mindfulness & Joy

Buying Christmas presents can be fun, stressful, mindless or mindful. Beginning with Black Friday and then Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, the whole process of gift giving during the holidays has become quite an ordeal and often a very stressful experience. Stress is the body’s normal reaction to demands put upon it. Stress may be a reaction to negative events like overwhelm or loss, or positive events like celebrations or achievements. When there is no end to the stress or there is ongoing stress with no relief, the body experiences distress and your health may be compromised.  Managing this stress is essential in order to enjoy the holidays and feel the joy of giving and receiving. Here are 3 Tips for Buying, Giving, and Receiving with Mindfulness and Joy.

3 Tips for Buying, Giving, and Receiving with Mindfulness and Joy

  1. Buy with Intention. Set a budget, and keep within your budget. Spending too much money during the holidays is often the greatest source of stress. Buy for others with purpose, not out of obligation. Choose what you buy instead of mindlessly picking up gifts for others. Set time aside for your shopping so that it doesn’t become a last minute stressor. People often prefer ‘experiences’ over things so consider gifting someone an experience  (dinner out, camping trip, hotel stay in the City, hike, yoga classes) rather than a gift card or a popular item from Amazon. Bottom line: Enjoy the process of buying by setting your intention and staying within budget. Allow yourself the experience of joyfully buying. 
  2. Give with Joy. Give your gifts with joy. Be present, mindful and purposeful when giving your gifts. Often, gift giving at Christmas becomes ‘who can open their presents the fastest’ or everyone opening at once. This might be a fun tradition for you – and if it is – go for it! If not, take your time, be present as you give your present. Giving your attention, your love and thoughtfulness as you hand someone a gift is priceless. Allow yourself the experience of joyfully giving. 
  3. Receive with Grace. Receive your gifts with presence, kindness and courtesy. We all learn to say ‘please and thank you’ and the ‘thank you’s’ are often automatic and immediate when someone hands us a gift. If you bring your full attention to receiving – not only the gift itself, but also the intention and thoughtfulness of the gift giver – you will be doubly blessed. It is often much easier for people to give rather than receiving, but receiving with grace is a gift in and of itself. Allow yourself the experience of joyfully receiving.