Mindful Monday: Mindful Morning Rituals

My new favorite morning ritual: relaxing hot tub + steaming coffee + chilly fog + chirping birds + soothing scenery + mesmerizing steam + magic mindfulness 

What a delightful morning! We recently purchased ourselves a luxurious gift of a hot tub! I love climbing in before bed, getting warm and relaxing….but my favorite new ritual is a grabbing a steaming cup of coffee and jumping in the hot tub for a blessed few minutes of pure mindful morning relaxation. This morning, with the fog sitting on the fields like a heavy blanket, the birds singing to each other which sounded like a chirping xylophone and the stillness of the moment, I was able to just breathe and find that silent place within me. What a beautiful way to start the day. 

I may not be able to start everyday in this rejuvenating manner, but starting every day with a moment of mindfulness is my goal and a practice that I’ve been trying to improve. I’ve got the Mindful Monday practice down now after writing this post for nearly 10 months and I am striving for a daily practice. As the holidays are quickly approaching, I am even more committed to starting my day with intention and purpose and invite you to do the same.

What is your Favorite Mindful Morning Ritual ?

Feel free to share in the comment section below! Sharing ideas with one another is a wonderful way to offer and receive support – especially when starting a new practice. 

I wish you a blessed Monday and a week of being PRESENT, ALIVE and INTENTIONAL