Women’s Recovery Coaching

Making the decision to quit drinking, using other drugs and/or overeating is a difficult and courageous decision. Staying clean and sober (abstinent from alcohol, other drugs and addictive foods) is often even more challenging than initial abstinence. The focus of my work is to help women maintain their sobriety, especially during stressful times and to create lives worth living…full of ADVENTURE, JOY AND SPIRIT.

Women’s Recovery Coaching is a process which involves telling the truth about what is working and not working in your life, taking risks to discover what you are truly passionate about, and being brave enough to GO FOR IT! My mission is to teach you, support you, listen to you, encourage you and hold you accountable to create a life of sobriety worth living…a life full of ADVENTURE, JOY AND SPIRIT!


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  • 7 Day Challenge
  • 30 Day Challenge
  • 90 Day Challenge
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Accountability Coaching (Starting January 2017)
  • On-Line Course (Starting Spring 2017)

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