Mindful Monday: Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

This morning was delightful. I knew the minute that I saw the sun shining through my blinds that the day would be beautiful – winter is finally here with the rain and fog, frost and cold nights. It is Saturday and this whole week has been wet and rainy. When the sun follows a rainy day, we are blessed with beauty, color and warmth. The frost was sparkling like diamonds on the little green seedlings beginning to sprout all around our property. The wind was chilly but the sun was bright and warm. I felt blessed. I feel blessed. 
It is important to take in moments like this. Breathe. Look around. Bask in the sunlight for a moment or two. Notice the warmth, sparkles, chill, color, scents, and sounds around you…..Just for a moment. This time of the year is CRAZY! hectic, busy and often very stressful. Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years are around the corner. Creating moments of peace amidst the chaos is vital for your sanity. Stressing about being stressed is certainly not helpful ?. 


Three quick tips to Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos:

1* PUSH THE PAUSE BUTTON. Close your eyes, take a breath… a long deep breath, drop your shoulders, breathe again and imagine all the stress, worry, angst drain right through you and into the earth. Let Mother Earth absorb the energy. Do it again if necessary until you feel lighter. You can then imagine that a beautiful and vibrant blue and white light enter through the top of your head and wash over you, through you… filling you with peace, serenity, and tranquility.
2* LOOK AROUND. If you are alone, find one thing that makes you smile, brings you joy. Perhaps it is a flower outside your window or a brand new coffee mug your daughter gave you…maybe it is the vacuumed carpet or the dusted coffee table….maybe it is a photograph on the wall. Notice. Breathe. Feel the joy, pleasure, contentment. Take in the colors, sounds, feel of the item. Breathe. If you are with your family, friends or co-workers,, find one thing that makes you smile, brings you joy. Push the pause button on whatever you are doing and watch, notice, take in what others are doing. Notice the chatter, the laughter, the screaming, the playing, the texting. Take it in. In this moment, What do you notice? What do you appreciate ? What brings you joy ? Maybe your daughter is texting on her phone and you can just smile at her rapt attention and  beauty as she looks up at you watching her. Maybe your son is working on his homework with your husband and you notice how patient your husband is being despite how stubborn your son is and you smile, appreciating this moment captured in time of two people you love so much doing their best. You smile at your son’s unruly hair, loud voice and your husband’s sigh of exasperation. Appreciate the moment,Take in the colors, sounds, the feelings of just this moment. Breathe.
3* REPEAT as often as necessary. Stringing these moments of mindfulness together or sprinkling these magical moments throughout your day will shift your experience. The gift to you will be inner peace…a gift that is invaluable and best of all …free! 

Finding peace amidst the chaos is learning to breathe, notice, take in the good, and breathe again. Reset.

The more times you take in the joy, amidst the chaos of your life, the more peace you will have in your heart.