Mindful Monday: Joyfully EnVISIONing the Year!

Mindfully ringing in the New Year, deliberately and purposefully thinking ahead and enVISIONing your year can be fun and exciting! I spent all day on Friday with my good friends creating Vision Board where we laid out our goals and dreams for 2020. We started by going around in a circle and sharing our intentions and then went about creating our boards. I actually created 7 pages in a Visual Journal that I have – each page with a different theme: My Vision for 2020 – Inspirations – Overall Goals – Work Goals x 2 pages – Financial Goals – Outcomes. My friends opted for a single vision board and allowed their creativity to flow with no ‘topics’ but more fluidity across the canvas. It was SO FUN!  The mindfulness piece comes in when flipping through magazines and staying present – looking and listening to my own inner guide – What speaks to me? What captures my dreams? What inspires me? Mindfulness is about staying in the present moment, observing with curiosity instead of judgment. Being willing to play, create and design these pages with curiosity and wonder – leaving judgment off the table – was invigorating and energizing. 

All you need is a poster board, magazines, glue stick., stickers and scissors! Voila! Taking time to do a mindful meditation – even for just a few minutes – before starting can get you in the head space to be ‘channeling’ your own inner wisdom and vision. Setting goals doesn’t have to be a linear, intellectual activity. Using both sides of your brain – right and left – can actually set you up to have a powerful, integrated, and purpose-filled experience. 

I hope you will try creating a vision board / journal page yourself and feel free to share on my Facebook page! You can also create fun vision boards online – try Canva or a dozen other fun artsy sites. 

May your year be blessed with mindfulness, creativity, joy, love, peace, wisdom and adventure!