Mindful Monday: Reflections



1 Year – 365 Days – 8760 Minutes – 31,536,000Seconds 

How did you spend your time? Would you do it all again ?

Reflecting on the past year is an important step to take before ushering in the New Year. Mindful ‘goodbyes’ are important for closure and for setting the stage for new beginnings. In encourage you to grab a pen and a journal, and find a quiet place to reflect back on the past year. Here are some questions to consider as you mindfully consider this past year, your successes and challenges, opportunities you’ve seized and those you’ve missed, as well as the ways in which you’ve shown up for your own life. 

19 Questions to Bring Closure to  2019

  1. Overall, ?????
  2. What are your top 3 “YES’s!” – top 3 “I’m proud of myself for….”
  3. What are 3 blessings you received ?
  4. Did you have any losses – if so, how did they affect you ?
  5. How did you make a difference in someone’s life this year ?
  6. Who made a difference in your life this year ?
  7. What did you create this year ?
  8. What was something loving / kind / thoughtful that you did for yourself ?
  9. What are 3 acts of kindness you did for others this year ?
  10. What were the top 3 ‘YIPPEE’s!” you had – top 3 most fun times ?
  11. How did fear stop you this year ?
  12. How did your bravery show up ?
  13. Did you try anything new ? If so, what do you think, will you do it again ?
  14. What are 3 things that improved for you this year ?
  15. What are 3 things that did not improve for you ?
  16. How would you rate your physical / emotional / spiritual / financial health this past year? (Feel free to expand on all these areas)
  17. What feels complete about the year, and what, if anything is incomplete ?
  18. What are your 3 biggest ‘take-aways’ for the year and what are your 3 biggest things you want to ‘let go’ of and not bring into 2020 ?
  19. What are you grateful for ? Feel free to fill a page with your gratitude – it is a beautiful way to end the year and usher in the New Year!
~ LEARN from yesterday, LIVE for today, HOPE for tomorrow~