Mindful Monday:Holiday Hustle Challenge

There are 24 days until Thanksgiving (25 until the infamous Black Friday!), 52 days until Christmas and 58 days until New Years. As soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas music starts playing and the decorations pop up everywhere! Out with the Halloween chocolate and in with the candy canes!

TODAY IS THE DAY to start your mindfulness practice for the holiday season. De-stressing NOW is the key to enjoyable and sane Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years celebrations. Most of us – at least those who live in CA – are coming into this season having our nerves already fried with power outages and the threat and explosion of wildfires.. Some much-needed self-care is the only way to restore your spirit before jumping into the hustle and bustle of the next three months.



Here is a challenge for you… Commit to ONE SELF CARE ACTIVITY EVERY WEEK for the next 10 weeks! Here are 10 suggestions that will get you into mid-January – past all the hullabaloo of this season! I challenge you to give each one a try or come up with your own – but go for it! 

    1. Journal and Create a vision for YOURSELF -how would you like your holidays to unfold ? What vision/ intention do you have for how you want to show up ?
    2. Get a massage, acupuncture, manicure, pedicure, or facial 
    3. Download a meditation app and listen to a meditation as often as you can (CALM, Insight Timer, Tapping Solution Meditations, Headspace)
    4. Go for a hike – this time of year is gorgeous and being out in nature is re-energizing for sure!
    5. Light some candles, turn off the lights, and listen to some soothing music (put a ‘do not disturb‘ sign on your door!)
    6. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile and spend as much time as you like on the phone! (time for another ‘do not disturb sign’)
    7. Draw, paint, color, CREATE some art!
    8. Read a book or article for fun ! 
    9. Journal every day for one week “I am grateful for ____________”
    10. Buy YOURSELF a present!